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or me in a taxi, or perhaps a year-old Ford you drove yourself." "Wanji is a better driver than I


. So I have him drive me," Dink explained. "We each do the work we're trained for. I assist Wanji in


balancing his checkbook, for example. As for this car, it belongs not to me, but to

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my family. My family owns most of the toys I play with." He paused. "I've been thin

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gnificence of his costume, s prang from the driver's seat
, raced ar ound the l imousine a
nd stood a t attentio n holding
the door for O img rison and
her escort. img The front
door of the Rolls img img
was mark img img
ed, she observed, img img
with a gold de img img
vice of img img
three coronets . At t he cen

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king, Orison, of acquiring a most valuable property for myself alone." "A nice little seventy-meter yacht?" Orison inquired. "Or the island of Majorca, perhaps?" "Something even grander," Dink said. "

Uku Mason

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You, Miss McCall." "But, Dink!" The Rolls glided to the curb. Wanji jumped out and snapped open the door. "Sire!" he said, and saluted as Dink disbarked. Orison took Dink's hand and stepped to the cur

Ro Kanth


b, acknowledging Wanji's bow to her with a princess smile. She'd come a long way from the secretarial pool. The doorman of the restaurant, instructed as to the importance of these clients by their tabl

Anna Alexander

Professional Model

eau at the curb, ushered Dink Gerding and Orison McCall into the presence

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